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All Paws Pet Cremation
All Paws Pet Cremation and Remembrance Services
As life long pet owners we appreciate that your pet is just as
important to you as a close family member. At All Paws we
understand that it is difficult for you to say goodbye to your
beloved best friend. Pet cremation is a way to memorialize your
dog, cat or family animal's memory.

When your pet passes away it will be cared for with the
compassion and dignity that they deserve. Every consideration is
made by our staff to ensure that your pet is handled with care
and respect during its after death care at All Paws Pet Cremation
and Remembrance Services.

All Paws Offers:

  • Gentle removal from your Animal Hospital or Home

  • Emergency pick-up service available*

  • Return of cremains to your Animal Hospital or Home

  • Complete identification, including identification tags that
    remain with your pet throughout the entire cremation

  • Affordable decorative urns and memorial products available

  • Private remembrance services available in our family room

  • Option to view cremation upon request

  • Convenient handicap accessible office and family room

Service Area:

We offer dog, cat and animal cremation services for the Chicago,
Chicago Suburbs, Elgin, Dundee, Marengo, McHenry, Belvidere,
Rockford, and surrounding areas. If you are unsure if we cover
your area call us if you are in Northern Illinois or Southern

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